Album Notes

“I was thinking about you and I went somewhere in my mind”

Somewhere in my mind……is the name of my new album, a line from one of the songs and its the place where my songs start.

I’m a very lucky man. I get to spend my life making music.
In the last few years music has introduced me to some amazing new places and people. I have spent the last 18 months living in Nashville TN- “music city” as they call it. Its been a very inspiring and challenging time

“Somewhere in my mind” is a combination of old and new musical friendships….A meeting of the minds if you will…
this album (my 5th) was recorded over the last 2 years, half in Sydney and half in Nashville. Whenever the songs and the right recording situation presented themselves.

I didn’t list a producer on this record, so I guess that means I produced it…..
Matt Fell has produced my previous 4 records and I worked very closely with him on this one. He mixed the album as well as playing bass and numerous other instruments. I lived upstairs from matt’s “Love Hz” studio for a year or so and recorded half of the tracks there, after hours, with Matt and drummers Glenn Wilson and Josh Schuberth .

The other half of the album was recorded in Nashville with new music city friends.
Rachel Loy (bass- hank williams jnr/Julianne Hough) Shawn Fichter (drums- trisha yearwood/ peter frampton) Chris Tuttle (keys-jewel/leanne rhimes), Mike Webb (keys-John Fogarty/Poco) and Jedd Hughes and Ryan Wariner (jewel/she daisy) who came in to add some extra guitar action

There are a lot of female backing vocals on this record, which is somewhat of a departure for me
Kim Richey is a hero of mine and she sang on the 2 songs we co wrote- I have all her solo records and she’s written hits for Trisha Yearwood and Brooks and Dunn-it’s a thrill to be able to call her a friend

I was also lucky enough to get uber songwriter Hillary Lindsay to sing backing vocals on a song as well. The other girls are some of my favorite singer songwriters from Nashville- Alyssa Bonagura, Bonnie Bishop and Andra Moran.

People always want to put music in boxes –pigeon hole it- paint it into a corner-make it fit a trend. Ive never been very good at that-I just go where the song takes me- I play music not genres- so its not country,its not rock,its not pop but you will find all of that in there

Enjoy – I sure did making it

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Somewhere in My Mind

Release Date : September 29, 2011
Format : CD