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Hey friends.

I’ve started a Patreon page. My page on the Patreon site is, if you like, a "members only" club that allows me to share my music directly and instantly with you.

For a while now i’ve been looking for a better way of sharing my music with you. I’m constantly writing and recording music. I don’t always have time to do a “proper“ release of some of the music I’m working on.
I think the Patreon page it’s a more fun and a better way for people who like what i do, to get a closer look or listen to many things the rest of the world wont hear.
For example i’m part of a song writing club with writers from Nashville and Australia. Every week we are set a task to write a song on a specific topic or prompt. You will get to hear the songs i write for that and much more.

Every week I will add a new song and there will be plenty of member only goodies.
Almost everything I’ve ever written and recorded is on my Patreon page. All of my albums are there for you to down load and listen to at any time.
I’m constantly uploading new music and things to my Patreon page. You can access all of it for as little as $3:50 per month, sign up for one month if you don’t like it you can cancel (but download all the music first !!)
Thanks for your support and enjoy the music.

© Copyright 2021 Sam Hawksley