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I’m an Australian born producer living in Nashville “Music City” USA.

  • I have made 8 albums of my own music and countless albums for other artists.
  • I’m a singer songwriter sometimes and a producer other times.

My experience gives me a unique perspective of being able to see the world from both sides of “the glass”—I know what it’s like to be in the vocal booth singing the song and I know what it’s like to be in the control room directing traffic.

My approach to production is fairly simple…

What does this artist need and what does the song need? “How can I help you?” is my motto.

How can I help you make this song the best it can be and for it to be the song you dreamed it would?


  • Bodeans
  • Adam Brand
  • Luke Dickens
  • Casey Burgess
  • Felicty Urqhart
  • The Sunny Cowgirls
  • Amber Joy Poulton
  • Nina Ferro
  • Anthony Snape
  • Louise Perryman
  • Phil Davidson
  • Courtney Conway
  • Andra Moran
  • Meghan and Caitlyn
  • The Harmonators
  • Megan Sidwell
  • Michelle Bradford jones
  • Jeanne Petersen

Below is a YouTube Playlist of some of the artists I’ve produced.

How can I help you?

I live in Nashville and have access to some of the best musicians and studios in the world. Whether you’re an Australian artist who wants to fly to Nashville to make an album, or an artist from Ohio who wants to do the same, I can help you.

I think pre production is really important. Getting the arrangement right before you hit the studio floor is in everyone’s interest.

Questions like…

  • Are the lyrics saying what you think they are saying? Is there a better way of saying that?
  • Musically are the chords you’re playing the best fit for the melody you’re singing ?
  • Is this the best tempo? is this the best key?

I can help you with these questions and they are best solved before the studio clock starts running.
Contact me—I’d love to hear your music and see how I can help you!


    © Copyright 2021 Sam Hawksley